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In the beginning…perhaps there something or, possibly nothing. Perhaps it was void, or the shadow of things to come.

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In the beginning, perhaps a spiraling tunnel—a vortex of darkness—beckoned shadow to enter and birth its dazzling light of possibilities?

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What a glorious big bang it might have been…a moment in time or time in a moment?

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Perhaps shadow was itself time, and covered so that it was and was not, but would become.

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After a long while, suddenly there was dancing and singing along the highways of the cosmos: a promise of mornings in the days yet to come.

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And all the while the molecules of matter would expand and expand into what was, what is and what is yet to be.

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Each particle de-evolving and evolving…turning into something more…and from the deep come life forms, beautiful, new and exciting.

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Shadow needs no rest… always and ever turning, moving on, creating anew.

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Shadow and dancer are one. Perhaps it was ever so?

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Light speed forward, birthing newness into the ancient choreography.


Jane Siarny is a certified InterPlay leader and trainer in the InterPlay Life Practice Program. With a background in dance performance and teaching, she is dedicated to uplifting the human spirit through creativity, community and spiritual practice.

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Karena Mendoza—an international, award winning, composer, writer and vocalist—Karena lives on through her work and the many people inspired through her performing, teaching, and loving friendship. The soundtrack for Genesis Continuum has been adapted from Karena’s Creation Romance 6, written expressly for Project 7 on the  Inheritance website.



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