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Naomi 2013 v.2Like most artists, I am prone to throwing myself into whatever I am doing, take it as far as my interest (or talent) allows and move on. It is an organic movement forward, each project giving form and voice to the next. Genesis Continuum is such a movement forward, combining all that I have done, been, and am in an exciting new format. This is Project 8 of my primary website, Inheritance, as well as its own stand-alone entity.


My first blogs, Called by Name and Drawing Sacred Circles, are personal journey, mile markers. In the spirit of Genesis Continuum, I will post on this site about the things that matter to me, an aging visual artist who writes fairly well, and is blessed to be studying classical ballet at this late, late stage of my life.


I welcome your questions, comments, and conversation. You can write to me on the Contact Page.